Hcg Diet Plan

Why Should You Give the HCG Diet Plan a Go?

You probably, have never heard of the HCG diet plan and maybe you are not really interested in knowing what all the fuss is about.

But the fact that you are on this page would suggest that you are interested in losing weight.

So please give yourself a few moments to read through this page; it could prove to be the best move you have made in your quest to lose weight.
The HCG diet plan is actually a diet where people take drops or injections of a hormone that is only found in pregnant women. “(yes really)!”

When doctors test if a woman is expecting a baby, they are actually testing for the presence of this hormone. hcg diet plan

When someone takes the hormone injection or takes it orally via drops, it helps to control the person's appetite.

The number one cause of failed diets is the constant craving for food. (I'm sure it wasn't necessary to tell you that).

With the HCG diet plan, this craving is virtually eliminated, and by using the HCG menu you can gain more control of your life.

When the brain triggers hunger pangs in people who are dieting, they become easily irritable and very agitated until they get something to eat.

A benefit of the HCG diet plan is that it advises following a healthy and well balanced eating plan for the whole day.

Most of the time when a diet plan is introduced in the market, it is usually focused on the type of food you eat instead of teaching you the habits you can adopt to change your body.

Usually most of the hunger cravings you get, are not actually real hunger cravings, but are instead cravings triggered by your brain in response to something else, like smell, sight or even sound (sizzling bacon), I'm feeling hungry already.

For example, when you see or smell food, your body's immediate response is to want it regardless of whether you are hungry.

The HCG hormone will be able to help you control such cravings.

We now give you an explanation of the HCG diet plan phases:

In order to follow the HCG diet plan and get the most out of it, you will need to know the phases of the HCG diet plan and exactly what you need to do during each phase.

There are basically three main phases in the HCG diet; plus maintenance which is considered to be the fourth phase by some people.

The first phase of the HCG diet plan is the loading phase.
During this phase, you should increase your intake of calories. This is to prepare your body for the following phases where you have to reduce the amount of food you eat.

In phase two, you will be given the HCG hormone and you will have to adhere to a strict diet plan.
In the HCG diet plan, you have to drinks lots of water after eating particular types of food.

This phase will last for about three weeks.

During phase three, you will start to see the results of your dieting.
You will be able to see a reduction in your weight when weighing yourself.
In this phase, you can increase your calorific intake.
Similarly, this phase will last about three weeks.

After completing all three phases, you should now be in maintenance mode.

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I wish you every success,
'You CAN do it',
Michael Oliver Neal.



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